Anthony Smith rips Luke Rockhold after UFC 239 knockout loss: 'He looked like a coward'

It’s no secret that Anthony Smith is not a Luke Rockhold fan. So it goes without saying that watching Rockhold get knocked out last Saturday at UFC 239 was at least a little satisfying.

Rockhold made the move up to light heavyweight and was critical of the division from the start. He even believed a win over Jan Blachowicz would sky rocket him straight to a title shot, as he didn’t see Smith and the rest of the contenders as being worthy.

Right after Rockhold’s knockout loss to Blachowicz, Smith tweeted a GIF with the caption “you there” referring to Rockhold being out cold.

Speaking to Submission Radio, Smith blasted Rockhold for all his comments, as he felt like he got what was coming to him.

“Everything I said was true, and everything that he said wasn’t,” Smith said. “You know, he said I was a bum and that (Alexander) Gustafsson was gonna walk through me, and he said that I don’t deserve to be in this division, and he just moved up because bums like me could get title shots. It ain’t that (expletive) easy.”

While he admits that his tweet came before finding out that Rockhold had suffered a broken jaw, and that he’d never wish an injury upon anyone, he just wanted Rockhold to know that the light heavyweight division is not as easy as he thought.

“I don’t understand why people look at me and think, ‘Well, if he can do it, I can do it,'” Smith said. “It’s not like that. It’s not that easy. Like, Rockhold wouldn’t make it five seconds fighting the way that I fight. He doesn’t have the ability to do what I do. He doesn’t have the defensive skills. He doesn’t have the footwork, and he doesn’t have the heart. I mean, once he couldn’t take Blachowicz down, he looked like a coward. Like, he was broken, and he was gassed after two-and-a-half minutes.”

Smith is tired of the criticism he and UFC 239 title challenger Thiago Santos have received for their supposed undeserved shots.

“It’s not that easy,” Smith said. “And I know that all these 185ers come up and are looking at me, and they’re looking at Thiago Santo,  and they’re saying, ‘Well, if they can do it, I can do it.’ No you (expletive) can’t. We just had a perfect example of it, of a former champion, a guy who ran through several people at 185, move up and get starched by a bum – by his (Rockhold’s) words, that Blachowicz was a bum several times, he’s a nobody. So, like, I just don’t. I don’t understand how he continues being so god damn cocky, because every time he’s like this, it doesn’t work out, and he gets embarrassed. So, I don’t understand it. It doesn’t make any sense.”

And with Rockhold unsuccessful in his light heavyweight debut, Smith says Rockhold now has to work his way up should he want a fight against him.

“Had he won, I would have loved to have gotten that fight and been the one to do that, but at this point, it will take Luke Rockhold two-and-a-half years to get to me,” Smith said. “He’s gonna have to start at the bottom and work his way up. And I know that’s probably not something he’s willing to do, because his ego won’t allow it. His ego won’t allow him to break down the things that he’s doing wrong.

“I keep saying his chin is shot, and maybe it’s not his chin. I don’t know, maybe it’s just his inability to have any defensive god damn skills. But I just, I hope that he heals up OK, obviously. I hope that he’s all right, but maybe it is time Luke Rockhold steps away.”

While a fight vs. Rockhold might not happen in the near future, Smith would still love to fight him at some point. He wants Rockhold to pay for all his words and everything he’s said about him.

“Luke Rockhold still remains someone that I would love to slap the (expletive) out of,” Smith said. “He’s just not a good dude. We know some mutual people, and I’ve heard nothing but awful things about him, and I’ve heard nothing but awful things about me come out of his mouth.”

For complete coverage of UFC 239, check out the UFC results.

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